Who and What are websites used for?

Who and What are websites used for?

Websites can be created and maintained by an individual, groups, businesses and organization.

People create websites for different purposes:

  • selling products and services,

  • posting information on the Web,

  • communicating with each other,

  • having fun, etc.

we can say that the websites are being created to offer a useful purpose that others can use.

Purposes of various website types

The Purpose of a Landing Page Website

Definition: a landing page is a web page that encourages the visitor to do something.

The purpose: the landing page should lead the visitor to a one page website. The purpose of this page is to convert a simple website visitor to a potential customer.

The Purpose of Informational Website

Definition: the informational website is a large web portal, organized as a multi-level platform with resources and services, which are updated in real-time.

The informational website contains a lot of content. These sites have a complex structure and navigation and contain interactive services. Informational websites have a large number of visitors.

The purpose: the main purpose of the informational website is to help users to find information on a specific topic. Because of the website functions, all the data available on the site is easy to structure and systematize. The informational website acts as a user’s guide which, compared to search engines, greatly simplifies the search.

The Purpose of a Corporate Website

Definition: the corporate website is an online representation of a company. The corporate site contains information about the company, about its activities, products, and services offered. Sometimes the website has a catalog of products, a forum, polls, newsletters, blog.

The website allows you to make calculations online, sell products, conduct marketing research, send the news to visitors, get customer feedback, organize voting and much more.

Creating this type of website, you should pay special attention to design, because it what people will remember the company by. It should match your company’s style and show confidence

The purpose: the corporate website solves many problems:

  • finding new customers and partners;

  • building the corporate image;

  • finding new employees;

  • building convenient communication with customers and partners.

The Purpose of Brochure Website

Definition: this one is a multi-page website. Containing resources that information people about the company or a specific person. It is an advertising image. It is perfect for small businesses and private entrepreneurs. This site is created by people performing a variety of services.

The purpose: the main purpose of creating a brochure site is to introduce customers to the company.

Unlike the classic corporate website, the brochure does not provide the client with comprehensive answers to all questions. Its focus is on accessibility In general, the brochure plays the role of image advertising, which causes positive emotions, increases the company’s credibility of the new customers and provides loyalty among the existing ones.

  • to build the interaction with contractors and within the company;

  • to provide effective communication with customers;

  • to provide customers with the opportunity to buy goods and services with the help of electronic payment systems without leaving their homes;

  • to inform customers about the company’s activities

  • The services provided;

  • to attract new customers using online advertising.

The Purpose of Entertainment Website

Definition: The entertainment website is intended to entertain its visitors, so it is based on providing entertainment information, pictures, and interactive services.

Entertainment websites have bright images, animation, entertainment information, interactive chat rooms, online games, photo galleries, drawings, audios & videos.

The purpose: many entertainment websites have different goals. The main purpose is to attract visitors. People who visit an entertainment website are often there to have fun and find someone to have fun with.

The Purpose of Personal Website

Definition: a personal site is an opportunity to express yourself, promote your business or talents.

These websites are created by people that are interested in self-promotion, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, photographers, lawyers, doctors, etc.

These websites are not large, it contains personal or biographical information or info about the services provided by the website owner.

The purpose: Personal websites are created to promote the person, to find new customers, sponsors, employers or partners.

The Purpose of Educational Website

Definition: these sites are for educational institutions. An educational website provides information about courses, application requirements, professors, exams and much more.

Educational websites are specific, you will see clear and concise evidence of reliability and quality.

The purpose: the main purposes of the educational website are:

  • providing wide and high-quality access to existing educational products;

  • stimulating the process of creating innovative educational products;

  • contributing to the promotion of model forms of organization of the educational process;

  • providing educational support of the educational process.

The Purpose of E-commerce Website

Definition: the e-commerce website allows customers to remotely buy products from the catalog. Because these websites have product catalogs, descriptions and online help, the website plays a role of both showcasing and the sales area.

The purpose: the e-commerce website allows you to:

  • improve and consolidate its position in the market for goods and services;

  • increase the number of customers without large expenses;

  • increase brand popularity;

  • increase profits.

The Purpose of Portfolio Website

Definition: Portfolio website is a presentation of a person.people such as designer, photographer, artist, webmaster, teams. These websites are used to reflect their own experience and show their skills.

The purpose: There are several key objectives for the creation of a portfolio website:

  • getting orders and to attract new customers;

  • selling your works (if you offer ready-made goods);

  • gaining a reputation in the industry;

  • making useful connections.

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