When you pick an SEO online marketing package, we work directly with you to determine your specific goals for your business, so we can achieve more. IJMdesigns SEO packages don't just improve the quality of traffic to your website. We increase your company's awareness, customer trust, customer loyalty, higher conversions rates, and the overall return on your marketing.

This is for businesses who need to improve there SEO. We will build your businesses SEO strategy to fit your goals.

- Site Health

- Competitive Analysis

- Page Optimization

- Link Building

- SEO audit 

- Key Word Research 

- fix Broken links (internally)

This is for businesses who have an existing SEO strategy and need monthly maintenance to stay up to date with the plan.

- 3 hours work monthly

- Analytics Setup & Configuration.

- Title Tag & Meta Tag Creation.

- Internal Link Building (Cross linking)

- Keyword Research.

- Basic On-Site Optimization

- Monthly Custom Report